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Přidání fotogalerie

By banderos - Posted on 03 Červen 2018

(1) configure the module at: /admin/settings/brilliant_gallery

( sometimes at admin/config/brilliant_gallery )

// the following is a folder name under the files directory and should contain only subfolders

Path to the main gallery folder (for local, non-Picasa galleries): my_galleries

(all the rest is pretty self explanatory, I think)

(2) set input formats

add "Brilliant Gallery Tag" to "Full HTML"

rearrange "Full HTML" so that "Brilliant Gallery Tag" comes before "HTML corrector"


add "Brilliant Gallery Tag" to "PHP code"

Let "Brilliant Gallery Tag" stay after "PHP evaluator"

(3) create gallery pages

use the following cheat sheet:

[bg|path/to/your/gallery/folder/without/wrapping/slashes (just the folder under the my_galleries folder) |columncountoverride|widthoverride|sortorrandomoverride|maximumnumbertoshow|colouroverride|beginfromoverride|caption-yes-no-text]